Kerim Hudson

A London-based designer and full-stack web developer, with a keen interest in digital sustainability and ethics, and the use of design and technology in social innovation. Read more

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Pakta Studio

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Pakta Studio was a multi-disciplinary design studio, primarily focused on ethically and sustainably producing bags, backpacks, and accessories. As the studio drew to a close, we wanted a website to showcase the work we had done, as well as reflect us both individually. We opted to create a multi-lingual website to showcase the projects, without the need to switch between languages.

The website was built using Next.js and TailwindCSS. As the website was for a personal project which was being archived, I opted to building it statically as any future amendments (if needed) could be easily handled by myself.

Showcasing Projects

We had a series of different product lines and projects, utilising different materials and visuals. Whilst the website was heavily gridded, taking from the strong rectangular shape of our flagship backpack and logo, we opted to use background colours to distinguish the individual projects.

Collection Example

Collection Example