Kerim Hudson

A London-based designer and full-stack web developer, with a keen interest in digital sustainability and ethics, and the use of design and technology in social innovation. Read more

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Pair Up

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Pair Up was a platform to find and chat with other creatives to get a second opinion or share passions. It was built during downtime between client work as an internal project. It was built as a somewhat async messaging platform, with the intention of allowing for slower, more focused discussion.

Pair Up was built as a web app, utilising TailwindCSS, Next.js, and Supabase for Authentication and Database. The app primarily consisted of messaging, a public profile, and the ability to broadcast a message to garner feedback and start discussions. In essence, it worked as a small social media platform, with a specific intention.

Discussion as King

Trying to bring an air of old forum-like discussions in a new platform, Pair Up focused more on credentials and discussion topics rather than building a profile. This allowed people to connect and participate without concern for how they are being percieved.