Kerim Hudson

A London-based designer and full-stack web developer, with a keen interest in digital sustainability and ethics, and the use of design and technology in social innovation. Read more

Open to freelance and full-time opportunities.

GCD Studio

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GCD Studio is a showcase platform for students of the Graphic Design department at Central St Martins. The platform allows students to log in and create their our projects and manage them individually, whilst exploring the works of their fellow classmates and alumni.

The website was built using Radix, AWS and Styled Components.

Building Blocks

The backend utilises a building-block nature of components to allow students and teachers to create pages of their work in a personalised manner. They can upload images, write text, and add links. The pages can also be saved as drafts and published when ready.


The large buttons, rounded edges and shadows, and disappearing text are playful elements to the website that provide a strong consistent branding alongside the students’ work.